“There is something about the expanse of Patagonia, a kind of haunting soulfulness, that affects you physically. Few places grab you like this and hold on so tightly and for so long.” * Ms. Kristine Tompkins-former CEO Patagonia Inc.

As I was approaching the airport at El Calafate, Argentina I was struck by the vistas, the indescribable color of Lago Argentino and the vastness of undisturbed land. To see this land for the first time is to recognize what a small part humans play in this world and that ultimately nature is what matters to life on this planet. We went across the border to one of five hotels on the Chile side of Patagonia, Hotel Las Torres set at the foot of Torres del Paine, one of the most famous sights in South America. The stark beauty of Patagonia crosses borders; its land is buffeted by the winds of the southern oceans; the high plains, the soaring peaks, and granite towers make it one of the most inspiring places in the world. The untouched magnificence of nature envelops all those who travel there so that there is no way to describe the experience in words alone.


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