TWA Terminal
Saarinen Chairs at the TWA Terminal Hotel, New York City at JFK Airport. Eero Saarinen architect, mid century modern architecture


Eero Saarinen’s masterpiece, the TWA Flight Center at JFK airport. This building is a mid century jewel, a beautiful yet functional building that served as a terminal until 2001. I stayed at the hotel for two days during the early stages of the pandemic, waiting for my flight back to Los Angeles. It was deserted, because of the pandemic. It was a unique opportunity to see this architectural wonder undisturbed by masses of people and noise. The dynamic, endlessly curving shapes, the mid-century style, the instant evocation of an era when travel was a luxury – it was all there. The evening and night brought soft light,  interior curves were strong, small recesses were dark, the TWA signs in their bright red contrasted to the grey concrete.  I knew sunrise would provide stunning light and shadow, so I was up before dawn and shot for 3 hours, admiring the structural complexity, the long shadows from the Eero Saarinen designed chairs and tables, the hand rails down the main stairs. 

This series has been shown in numerous galleries and won a Silver Medal from the prestigious Prix de la Photographie, Paris 2021 (PX3)


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